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John Key is wrong on Green plan to end child poverty

August 5, 2011 NZ Green Party 24

On Wednesday Green Co-Leader Metiria Turei launched the Green Party’s plan to bring 100,000 children out of poverty within three years. John Key poured cold water on both the Working for Families and minimum wage proposals contained in the package. But he is wrong on both counts.

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Tax working group supports universal child benefit

January 21, 2010 NZ Green Party 73

Russel Norman is right to criticise the TWG for its main recommendation of aligning top personal tax rates with a corporate tax rate of 30% as creating a chasm of social inequality between the richest and poorest in New Zealand and for its shyness on taxing capital gain. But the TWG’s suggestion of reintroducing a universal child benefit deserves serious consideration.