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Podcast: Courteney, Catherine and the WWG

March 31, 2011 NZ Green Party 4

In our most recent podcast we talk to Courteney, 19-year-old mum of 8-month-old Summer, and first year law student at Victoria University, about her experiences balancing parenting and study on the DPB, and her thoughts on the Welfare Working Group’s final report.

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The Welfare Working Group and its distinctly unambitious target

March 25, 2011 Metiria Turei 43

At page 60 of its report the Welfare Working Group suggests: “From the modelling reported in Chapter 10, we are of the view that the evidence from welfare reform in New Zealand and overseas indicates that a reduction of around 100,000 people [in receipt of working age benefits] is very ambitious but feasible.” Let’s put that into context […]

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