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The OIA Abuse

October 17, 2014 James Shaw 2

Yesterday, the Prime Minister admitted that his government withholds Official Information Act (OIA) requests for longer than necessary when it suits his government politically to Read More

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OIA laughs for a Friday afternoon

September 24, 2010 NZ Green Party 6

I’ve been enjoying Idiot/Savant’s posts over at No Right Turn about his ongoing battles trying to get various Ministers in John Key’s Government to respond adequately to his OIA requests. I’ve had a couple of classics myself this week.

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It has to be time to roast the Pork Board

August 1, 2010 NZ Green Party 29

The Pork Industry Board is a statutory agency. Yet it seems to assume it is a law unto itself, with powers even greater than the Police or the SIS. Agriculture Minister David Carter is either unable or unwilling to make it accountable. Surely it is time for an inquiry into the Board’s attempts on behalf of rogue farmers to subvert the requirement for piggery owners to maintain humane conditions for their animals.

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Porkies on the Pork Board?

July 30, 2010 NZ Green Party 27

Yesterday Sue Kedgley asked Agriculture Minister David Carter some questions in Parliament about allegations that the Pork Industry Board was deliberately attempting to evade the Official Information Act with respect to information about animal welfare in piggeries. Sue’s question followed a leaked email from the Pork Industry Board:

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Let the little leaks become a flood

March 22, 2010 NZ Green Party 13

Instead of engaging in a witch hunt to attempt to identify those responsible for Cabinet document leaks, the Government should be reviewing the Official Information Act, and its own practices under it, to ensure that information is publicly available as a matter of principle rather than kept secret to give the public the mushroom treatment for Government’s own political convenience.

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Mining Milford Sound?

October 8, 2009 NZ Green Party 12

“Will he rule out of the review of Schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act any consideration of mining potential in Milford Sound; if not, why not?” National Parks, openness, ‘hysteria’ and cartoons.