Historic Move on Nuclear Disarmament

November 9, 2016 Kennedy Graham 0

With nuclear disarmament, people have been trying to find common ground since the first General Assembly resolution in 1946. The disarmament effort has been undermined by strategic rivalry and stalemates, despite the obvious threat that the continued existence of nuclear weapons poses to all of us.

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Nuclear-free New Zealand?

April 3, 2012 Gareth Hughes 14

These last few days, the world has watched Seoul as the global leaders discuss the ever-pressing issue of nuclear security, right in the shadow of North Korea. In increasingly uncertain times, the prevention of nuclear terrorism and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons is one of the leading topics on the international political agenda.

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Micro vs macro

June 10, 2008 NZ Green Party 31

Treehugger covers this story in the Guardian about the potential value of micro generation. British buildings equipped with solar, wind and other micro power equipment Read More

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Peak Uranium

March 23, 2008 NZ Green Party 46

Several times I have promised a post on Peak Uranium and haven’t delivered. It’s a complex subject because building nuclear reactors is such a slow Read More