Point England: An almighty mess in the making

point england development

A special joint blog from Marama Davidson, Green Party social housing spokesperson and Eugenie Sage, Green Party environment spokesperson. A Treaty settlement, environmental planning, affordable housing, threatened native species and recreation spaces are all in play in Auckland’s Point England/Te Whanake, thanks to another Nick Smith special. The National Government is pushing the Point England […]

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Housing NZ needs to stop unfair evictions

It’s become clear that Housing NZ has ignored repeated warnings from senior government officials in the Ministry of Health that it’s misusing methamphetamine guidelines to evict tenants. The long story short is that hundreds of people have been evicted from their homes unfairly. It is one thing to cook or make meth. Doing that contaminates […]

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TPPA people power protests

The protests against the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) yesterday were an energetic show of people power. It was great to see such a big turnout – at least 15,000 in Auckland by some estimates. That’s a lot of people not buying the National Government’s spin on the TPPA. I was at the Auckland protests […]

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