The Security Council and Israel – where power meets law

Kennedy Graham Green MP

Since the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2334, there has been more heat than light shed on the continuing Israel-Palestine crisis and the faltering prospects for peace.  Israel, claiming it has been abandoned and betrayed by its traditional supporters, especially the United States, has reacted with unprecedented rage. But nobody has changed positions. The tendency […]

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Israel, Palestine and the question of statehood

The knife-edge election in Israel complicates the Middle East situation, even more than usual. The Prime Minister-elect, Binyamin Netanyahu, is moving to form a government. Netanyahu has indicated that, during his term, a Palestinian state would not be established. That is a major policy shift with ramifications for all. Consequently, the Palestinian Authority instructed officials […]

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The agony of Gaza – What price the right of self-defence?

As I write, the conflict in Gaza has seen yet another ceasefire deal squandered, with more death and destruction. Israel has repeatedly claimed its right to self-defence as justification for ‘Operation Protective Edge’. That claim is supported by leading Western powers, including the US, EU and UK. In my speech on the Gaza motion in […]

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