Recognised Seasonal Employment Scheme – more vulnerable migrant workers.

vineyard marlborough migrant

I was really pleased to see the investigation by TVNZ’s Q+A looking into the issue of seasonal migrant workers in the wine industry in Marlborough over the weekend.  I’ve felt uneasy about the Recognised Seasonal Employment (RSE) scheme since its inception about 10 years now because I worried about the vulnerability of the people coming […]

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Scapegoating international students

work denise roche

A recent New Zealand Herald article with the headline ‘International students ‘cheat system, take jobs’ is incredibly disappointing. It unfairly scapegoats international students and blames them for the conditions that have led to their systemic exploitation. Some facts first Let’s start off with some facts, shall we? Out of the 100,000+ students who are studying […]

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Shameful refugee quota increase still leaves NZ at the bottom of the list

Minister for Immigration Michael Woodhouse announced this week that the government will put off increasing the refugee quota to 1000 places until 2018.  It’s a shameful decision that undermines the Government’s claim that it takes its international humanitarian obligations seriously, right before we celebrate World Refugee Day on the 20th June. The Green Party, like […]

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Dog-whistling on immigration ignores the real issues

Immigration is once again in the news, with NZ First leader Winston Peters engaging in some furious dog-whistling to gain attention. I fear that his antics give the small, but vocal, portion of New Zealanders who hold racist beliefs an avenue for expressing their destructive opinions.   At the very least it makes newcomers feel uncomfortable […]

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