Flushing out the waste water problem

dirty river water selwyn

Alongside the massive problem of 10 million cattle and their waste entering our waterways, is the lesser but vexed issue of human waste. All over the country, councils struggle with developing wastewater systems that actually work and do not pollute the environment. Success is very mixed because disposal of wastewater and solids to land or […]

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Responding to the two global crises: thoughts on the Rio+20 conference

This piece was originally produced for the UN Association of Australia Conference, Brisbane, August 2012 Humanity today faces the first truly global crisis in its 5,000-year political history.  As we enter the Anthropocene: –       Our ecological footprint, surpassing Earth-share (bio-productive capacity per capita) in 1981, recorded an overshoot of 18% in 1992 and 50% in […]

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Experts debunk National Policy Statement on Freshwater

This week Environment Minister Nick Smith released a long awaited and long overdue National Policy Statement on Freshwater. Unfortunately he took the teeth out of what was a sound draft policy statement and removed the parts which would have made the most progress towards cleaning up our seriously polluted rivers and lakes. The governments’ announcement […]

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