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A Billion Better Things

December 8, 2016 David Clendon 0

Earlier this week I posed some questions to Finance Minister Bill English about his support for the government’s plan to spend a billion dollars on a new prison. I was pretty disappointed in his answers, all of which flew in the face of his own comments in the past acknowledging that prisons were a moral and fiscal failure.

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Crime and access to welfare

February 4, 2011 Catherine Delahunty 57

Paula Bennett is horrified that people claim to have committed crimes because of poverty and difficulties accessing welfare. She claims welfare is accessible for those in need and is enough to live on. Newsflash Paula: There’s a huge black-market out there of people struggling to survive on low wages and benefits who do all kinds of things to supplement an inadequate income.

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Cowboy justice

October 6, 2008 NZ Green Party 40

National’s law and order announcements are about as Wild West as they come. As Colin Espiner says: National has this morning bowed to those beating Read More

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