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Coal and Sustainable Energy: An exciting essay topic

March 13, 2010 Kennedy Graham 21

To the CEO of Solid Energy: Dear Sir, I understand that your corporation is sponsoring an essay competition for schoolchildren in Southland, West Coast, Canterbury and Waikato. The essay, up to 1500 words, must address “The Role of Coal in Sustainable Energy Solutions for New Zealand.”

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Chalking Nick in Nelson

October 27, 2009 NZ Green Party 7

Chalking the opinion of many on the streets of Nelson this morning and challenging Nick Smith, who welcomed Schedule 4 thus: “This Bill at long last puts some pegs in the sand in some very significant areas of New Zealand and says to the mining industries of New Zealand: “These are no-go areas.”…”

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Minister Smith please stand up

October 4, 2009 NZ Green Party 22

Nick has been surprisingly silent on the decision of Ministers Brownlee and Groser to do a stock-take of our premiere conservation land for its mining potential. Was he consulted? We know he was given a copy of Brownlee’s speech prior, but did he read it? Does he support it? What’s up, Nick?

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Frog Week with Gerry and Tim

September 29, 2009 NZ Green Party 3

It’s frog week! My favourite week of the year. But this one comes under a large grey cloud. My local native frog rellies have not been faring well for a while. They’re threatened by all sorts already. But now they have a new predator – Gerry with his sidekick Tim. All New Zealand’s native frog species are now threatened by mining.

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