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Tell Southland District Council to keep the coal in the hole

February 19, 2013 Gareth Hughes 0

Southland District Council is calling for submissions on its proposed District Plan. This is your chance to tell the Southland District Council that you want a sustainable and prosperous future for Southland, and call on it to make new mining and drilling for lignite coal and coal seam gas a prohibited activity.

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Keep the Coal in the Hole Summer Festival

January 9, 2012 Gareth Hughes 7

The main target is lignite coal mining in Southland an issue the Greens have been strong in opposing. Lignite is bad for the environment and our economy instead we should be pursuing modern renewable energy solutions, not 19th Century coal.

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Old King Coal fights back

May 19, 2011 NZ Green Party 11

Coal Cares™ is a brand-new initiative from Chevron, one of America’s proud family of coal companies, to reach out to American youngsters with asthma and to help them keep their heads high in the face of those who would treat them with less than full dignity. For kids who have no choice but to use an inhaler, Coal Cares™ lets them inhale with pride. Puff-Puff™ inhalers are available free to any family living within 200 miles of a coal plant…

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