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More ice for Radio NZ in Budget

May 30, 2016 Gareth Hughes 4

Budget 2016 once again left our only public broadcaster, Radio NZ (RNZ), worse off. After eight years of funding freezes, you have to wonder if RNZ is being iced-out for ideological reasons.

Child looking out window with hand on glass

Budget 2016: Two Worlds

May 27, 2016 Jan Logie 4

The Government delivers a budget that they say prioritises health but actually delivers $300m less a year than is needed to maintain services at the current levels of delivery.

steffan browning garden

Steffan Browning: Pesticide reduction and Organic Growth Strategy in Budget 2016

May 26, 2016 Steffan Browning 1

The Budget is an opportunity for the Government to launch a pesticide reduction strategy that multiplies the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) and the Ministry for Primary Industries capacity to reassess pesticides and other toxins. A government organic strategy and supportive advisory programme, could mean a major switch to highest value organic production for our primary production exports from all parts of New Zealand.

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