NZ Zone a precursor to a total nuclear weapon ban

New Zealand’s nuclear-free zone, legislated by Parliament in 1987, is something we all take pride in. It’s important, however, that we don’t let it thwart its own ultimate purpose – a world free of nuclear weapons. That goal must be within a comprehensible time-frame, with purposeful action, and discernible progress.  Not a continuous process of […]

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How to Handle Ambassadorial Appointments: US – and anywhere

Reports that former Senator Scott Brown is the likely nominee to be US ambassador to New Zealand has caused an intense, and essentially negative, reaction here in New Zealand.  The issue raises the delicate relationship between political judgements and diplomatic procedure.  Both are essential; they occupy different spaces but their circles intersect. It is open […]

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The Security Council and Israel – where power meets law

Kennedy Graham Green MP

Since the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2334, there has been more heat than light shed on the continuing Israel-Palestine crisis and the faltering prospects for peace.  Israel, claiming it has been abandoned and betrayed by its traditional supporters, especially the United States, has reacted with unprecedented rage. But nobody has changed positions. The tendency […]

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