Steven Joyce spent billions on highways, you won’t believe what happened next

It’s almost like a bad joke. Steven Joyce, our Minister of Finance and previous Minister of Transport, insisting his government is the “Infrastructure Government.” They’ve had this electoral strategy since the 2008 campaign, and nearly 9 years later it is ringing ever more hollow. If only it were true. New Zealand does have an infrastructure […]

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Superannuation – we’re asking the wrong questions

Julie Anne Genter portrait

The superannuation debate sparked this week by Prime Minister Bill English is fractious and unhelpful. Framing superannuation The framing of the problem around the financial sustainability of superannuation is simply too narrow. It goes like this: people are living longer and therefore we can’t afford to keep giving them financial support from age 65. We […]

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Will Bill and Paula fix Auckland’s transport?

Last week we experienced one of those watershed moments in the tale of Auckland’s transport. The road to the airport became more car park than motorway; as a result dozens of flights were delayed, people missed their flights and had to foot the bill for costly changes. Gridlock at Auckland airport @AKL_Airport #welcometoNZ — […]

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