Recognised Seasonal Employment Scheme – more vulnerable migrant workers.

vineyard marlborough migrant

I was really pleased to see the investigation by TVNZ’s Q+A looking into the issue of seasonal migrant workers in the wine industry in Marlborough over the weekend.  I’ve felt uneasy about the Recognised Seasonal Employment (RSE) scheme since its inception about 10 years now because I worried about the vulnerability of the people coming […]

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Superannuation changes will hurt manual labourers, Māori, and migrants

work denise roche

Bill English’s announcement that National will increase the age of eligibility for superannuation will not only hurt Generation X unfairly, it will also hit manual workers, Māori, and migrants hard. For many people, a lifetime of hard physical labour means retirement at age of 65 is a physical necessity.  And for Māori, who are frequently […]

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