Guide to making a submission on the Zero Carbon Bill

Climate change is happening now. That’s not up for debate. The question is what we do to end further climate pollution – and that starts with the Zero Carbon Bill, which will set out our path to a net zero emissions future.

Right now the Ministry for the Environment is consulting on the Bill – going out to the public and gathering submissions on what it should look like. We have an opportunity to influence the shape of the Zero Carbon Bill, and achieve our vision of a clean green future – something that’s more than a marketing slogan.

Complete your submission online using the Ministry for the Environment form online at: or email your submission through to 

All submissions need to be in by 5pm on Thursday 19th of July. 


Why make a personal submission?

Your voice should matter in politics. Making a submission on new or proposed laws is one way to make that voice heard.

When you make a submission, your opinion and your participation in this process becomes part of our parliamentary record, and New Zealand history. Which is pretty cool.

Making an individual, personalised submission also means it gets taken more seriously. 100 personal stories carry a lot more weight, and are a lot more convincing, than 1,000 signatures on a petition.


What makes a good submission?

Your submission can be as long or as short as you want, as long as it clearly states your argument.

There are five particular aspects of the Zero Carbon Bill which the Ministry for the Environment is consulting on. You can mention all of them, or just one or two. Potential points to make in submissions are set out below.

Include your personal stories or perspective to show why the issue matters to you. You might want to write about the impacts this Bill could have on you, your whānau, your work or your community. By introducing yourself, your background and experience, you can get our policy-makers and politicians to see where you’re coming from.

If you know of other people or organisations who are making submissions (like Greenpeace or the Young Greens), you can say you support them too.

Submissions may be published on the Ministry for the Environment’s website. Make sure you specify if you’re happy to have your name published with your submission.


What does the Green Party think?

Passing the Zero Carbon Act is a key part of Green Party climate change policy and so we would love you to express your general support for the Act.  The Green Party is keen to see an ambitious Zero Carbon Act and so we have suggested submission points across the five areas being consulted on.

The 2050 target

  • The Government should set a 2050 target of net zero emissions in legislation now.
  • Net zero emissions goal should be across all greenhouse gases (including CO2 and methane).

Emissions budgets

  • Support the Government’s proposal for there to be emissions budgets that set out the pathway over a 5-year period.

Government response

  • The Bill should require Governments to set out how it will achieve the emissions budgets, including transition pathways

Climate Commission

  • The Commission should advise the government on targets and policy planning.   The Government should have to publicly respond to, and provide rationale when it deviates from the Commission’s advice. The Climate Commission should also act as an independent watchdog, publishing progress reports and highlighting problems.

Adapting to the impacts of climate change

  • The Zero Carbon Bill should cover adapting to the impacts of climate change.
  • This should involve the Government setting a National Adaptation Plan that sets a clear direction to local government and helps co-ordinate the response across different sectors and including iwi and hapū.

Where to send your submission:

You can email your submission through to or complete the Ministry for the Environment form online at

Submission deadline: 5pm Thursday 19 July