Investing in a green future

With the Green Party in Government, New Zealand has taken the most significant step yet to invest in becoming a net zero emissions country with the commitment in Budget 2018 to set-up a Green Investment Fund.

That commitment sees the Government put in $100 million start-up money for the Fund giving the lead for private investors to grab their opportunities to be part of New Zealand’s Green sustainable low-emissions future.

The Green Investment Fund will stimulate significant private-sector finance into the low-emissions projects and businesses that New Zealand needs.

We have some big projects that need fixing in this country, like water supplies and energy demands. We also have some of the best minds in the world working on agricultural and other innovations to establish New Zealand as a world leader in the climate changing world. This work needs major money, and the Green Investment Fund is the kind of facility that can help provide that money.

My predecessor, former Greens’ co-leader Russel Norman saw the potential of this Fund over seven years ago. Now the Green Party’s part of the Government we are getting it started.

Investment in clean technology projects around the world is outstripping finance for old high-emissions ones. It makes sense, right? Investment is looking for future returns and Aotearoa New Zealand’s new Green Investment Fund will be all about investing in our sustainable, successful future.

Watch it grow.