James with Dame Patsy Reddy and Jacinda at the signing in of the new Labour Led Government

Confidence and Supply = ???

So the Greens are in a confidence and supply agreement with Labour – what does that mean?

Put simply confidence and supply means we will vote for the Government’s budget and super important changes to NZ law, votes on the policy wins we achieved, and some technical ones – like the big set piece debate happening next week called the Address in Reply.

We also agreed that Green Ministers will be bound by ‘collective responsibility’, in their portfolios and in areas where there has been full participation in policy development. Basically we won’t criticise Government policy that we had a part in making! In other areas, we may agree to disagree.

This means on issues where we have an agreement with Labour, we will support them in government and pass legislation on that basis. On issues where we don’t have agreement, we can vote from our own position. We support that work when it aligns with us, but where it doesn’t, we can still say so.

Is this good for the Green Party?

Yep, it’s good for us and it ensures that voters concerned about cleaning up our rivers, being world leaders in the fight against climate change, and ending poverty are represented in Parliament and can still be in a Government.

We can make good Green change, but not get swallowed up by the other parties.

We still have the room to retain our identity and disagree with the government when we differ. We can stay true to our values while also having the opportunity to make real change.

While the agreement doesn’t include everything on our long list of announcements we launched this year, we needed to match our aspirations to the support we achieved at the ballot box.