How to vote and keep your info private

Going to vote or enrolling to vote can be scary. Having your details out there can open a can of worms. I wish we lived in a country where everyone was safe and secure enough to be openly enrolled, but I know that this is not always the case for many people, especially women.  I don’t want a fear of debt collectors, state agencies, or domestic violence perpetrators to stop anyone from voting.

To anyone considering voting this year, but concerned about their personal details being on the electoral roll, consider enrolling to vote on the unpublished roll. What this means is you can be enrolled, you can vote, and your name and address stay private and protected. People need this for a whole raft of different reasons, and I support people doing what they need to do in order to vote.

If you want to enrol and have your details stay protected, get a letter from a lawyer, your employer, a JP, or the like, that supports your application that your or your family’s personal safety will be endangered by the publication of your name and details. Other documentation includes a protection order, a restraining order, or a statutory declaration from a member of the police.

Because your name will then not be on the printed electoral roll used on polling day, you will need to cast a special vote. You can do this easily from any voting place on election day or from the Returning Office in your electorate ahead of election day.