keep it public

Keep it Public

The Green Party strongly supports the Tertiary Education Unions call to #KeepitPublic.

Keep what public? Our quality tertiary education system that National is trying to open up to more private for-profit providers with a new law change. The (Tertiary Education and Other Matters) Amendment Bill is before the select committee and gives private tertiary institutions equal funding to public ones. This is going to see a further reduction of public tertiary education and experts say it will particularly hit regional providers.

So what is the agenda behind it? The Government throws out all of these slogans—”consistent funding”, “funding flexibility”, “level playing fields”. These are just slogans based on ideology to increase public funding for private profit. In the first reading speech I said:

“This is a major ideological push by the National members, who clearly see the clock ticking on their Government and they have got to quickly ram through as much pro-market, pro-private, pro-for-profit provider support legislation.”

We should be having a conversation about how we better fund and make stronger public education not how we greater fund private providers.

They TEU have made a handy submission guide but the deadline is Friday 23 June.