green easter

Tips for a Green Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Whether you’re heading away or staying home, we hope you get to spend time with the people you love.

With the weather looking damp in most parts of the country, we thought we’d share some ideas on how to keep yourself or any restless young ones in your life busy.

Four tips for a Green Easter:

  • Easter eggs – they’re everywhere, and like the free range vs cage eggs there are good and bad Easter eggs. Some may contain Palm Oil responsible for defores
    tation – think climate change in a shiny foil wrapper – check out Auckland Zoo’s guide
  • A Fair trade Easter – As well as Palm oil there are also issues with child labour being used to produce cocoa so something else to check for is a fair trade certification. Fair Trade NZ has a great guide here – but you can keep an eye out for the logo.
  • Make your own crème egg –  whether it’s a fun activity with your family, or impressing your friends, take your Easter egg hunt to the next level
  • There is also always the classic egg decoration. Treehugger has a great guide with natural dyes.

Have a happy and safe Easter everybody!