swimmable rivers

Rallying for clean water

This week people all over the country took to the streets to support clean water. There were rallies held from Whangarei to Invercargill. Everywhere people were calling for clean water rather than letting companies export our fresh water without paying for it.

The public understand that the amount of water taken for bottling is very small compared to the amount taken for irrigation. They are concerned about both issues but the water bottling for free is absolutely the last straw for many people.

The communities that have restrictions on water use during summer or have had to boil water for safety reasons are furious about water being exported for free. There is also the future to consider. The company planning to export millions of litres of fresh water from the Mt Aspiring National Park by piping it directly into ships is neither creating jobs nor conserving the natural resources.

The other issues raised during the rallies include the ownership of water and the abject failure of the Government’s Clean Water Plan to provide swimmable rivers by 2040. People are passionate about all these issues and they will not be distracted by Government rhetoric. We are proud to support them with our solutions and we encourage everyone to make a submission on the Clean Water Plan. Submissions close on 28 April.