Jan Logie

Let’s be Bold on International Women’s Day

Let’s make sure we properly resource sexual violence prevention work. Currently, about 1.5% of government funding for sexual violence goes to prevention. ACC has been given the lead role on education in schools. So far they’ve rolled out their flagship education programme to just over 60 high schools. That’s fewer than 20% of high schools.

Let’s make sure refuges and specialist sexual violence services are properly funded, and not having to fundraise the majority of their funding. Let’s make sure they aren’t being asked to compromise their ethics and compromise the confidentiality of the people they’re trying to support in return for funding.

Let’s restore kaupapa Maori services; they’re more effective and te Tiriti says we should.

Let’s make sure that we are funding the most appropriate services for all women rather than saying $50,000 is too much for an ethnic women’s refuge that has been helping over 300 women a year.

Let’s make sure there are services and opportunities for people with disabilities to disclose and get the right help for domestic or sexual violence.

Let’s ensure that trans people are able to access all appropriate healthcare wherever they live, without having to wait most of their lives for basic healthcare.

Let’s have a plan and actually reduce the gender pay imbalance.

Let’s ensure caregivers and other women are FINALLY paid what they’re worth.

Let’s make pay data transparent so women know if they’re being ripped off by their bosses.

Let’s remove the incentives for women to be doing most of the unpaid work.

Let’s ensure mothers who aren’t in paid work and need income support are able to care for their children and live in dignity.

Let’s put workplace protections in place for victims of domestic violence.

Let’s do this (and more!) when we #changethegovernment.