Well, THAT happened: reflecting on 2016 and beyond

Lots of people are saying 2016 has been a bit of a shocker, with political events like Brexit and Trump; US Police shooting black people – and the emergence of Black Lives Matter; the death of legendary musicians like Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen (and let’s not forget Lemmy at the very end of 2015) and now George Michael; earthquakes and extreme weather events; not to mention the distressing conflict in Syria and the apparent inability of the international community to bring that brutal war to an end.

In fact, someone tweeted the other day that a person had done a poo in the toilet of their work’s show home when it wasn’t yet plumbed in…and I thought “There you go, 2016, one dump after another”.

Thankfully, 2016 is almost over. Before we all head away on holiday for rest and recreation with our families there are events closer to home worth reflecting on.

2016 for our MPs

Green MPs in a Kayak
Green MPs kayak Lucas Creek on the swimmable rivers tour

Green MPs have actually had a really busy and positive year working on the nation’s most pressing issues: poverty and inequality, housing, climate action, inclusive education, safe drinking water and clean rivers to name a few. We’ve been talking with people up and down the country, promoting legislation, setting out the solutions, and, where possible, working with other parties in Parliament to achieve progress.

2016 for us and Labour

In May, the Green Party signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Labour. It’s the first time political parties have reached such an agreement before an election, and means we get to have a conversation with New Zealanders about why we are working to change the government.Labour Green MOU


We worked constructively with Labour on the Homelessness Inquiry and early in 2017 you’ll see us working together on a range of other issues.

2016 for me

For me, this year has been one of consolidating my work on housing and inequality because I am determined to do all that I can to ensure that families have the resources they need to nurture their babies.

finding a home for the homeless
Launching our ‘Homes not Cars’ policy

We need mothers educated, healthy, and secure so that they can shape the future of our nation. It will be women that determine the fate of our country next year, make no mistake.

So, I’ll be spending the summer resting and getting ready for a busy 2017. I want to spend time doing craft, reading, walking my dogs and connecting with my whānau so that next year I can run hard with the Greens to change the government.view from mt cargill