Forest burning for palm oil

Palm oil industry implicated in human rights abuses

The Green Party has campaigned for several years for mandatory palm oil labeling to give consumers choice.

Most consumers do not want to support a palm oil industry that is destroying tropical rainforests and contributing to dangerous climate change emissions.

Last week Amnesty international released its report into the palm oil industry.

The findings were shocking. Amnesty found that palm oil companies in Indonesia and other countries are implicated in human rights abuses, the exploitation of workers, and child labour.

One of the companies named is Wilmar — the sole supplier of palm kernel (PKE) for Fonterra — and the world’s biggest producer of palm oil.

It is unethical for our dairy industry to be profiting from human rights abuses and child exploitation, especially as there is no need for the dairy industry to be using PKE at all.

Earlier this year, Landcorp announced that it would be dropping PKE completely saying that the move would be cost neutral for them.

The Green Party is calling on Fonterra to follow Landcorp’s lead and also drop PKE.

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