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Palm Oil Labelling: Possible Progress?

On Friday, the Minister for Food Safety, along with her Australian colleagues finally looked at the issue of mandatory labelling of palm oil.

We’ve been calling for mandatory labelling for years and we were hoping that the Ministers would agree to initiate the formal policy process to get palm oil on the label.

They decided not to do that, but they did decide to get going on developing a policy for clear labelling of products containing palm oil.

This means they will be further researching how all vegetable oils impact on human health before deciding to initiate the formal policy process to put it on the label.

This is clearly a stalling tactic. Almost all New Zealanders want to know when palm oil is in a product. Its not complicated. Many other countries already require palm oil (and in fact all vegetable oils) to be labelled.

However, the fact that they have decided to progress the issue at all means that there is still hope for mandatory labelling.

There has been some amazing organisations working on this campaign, including Unmask Palm OilAuckland ZooHamilton Zoo and Orana Wildlife Park.

We will be continuing to support their campaign for labelling of palm oil.