Photo Blog: Kaikōura Earthquake aftermath

Green MP Steffan Browning flew south after Monday morning’s 7.8 magnitude quake. He documented his time assessing the recovery and relief efforts.
I got to Kaikōura as early as possible following Monday’s earthquake, I will be spending as much time as possible in the region to do all that I can to aid in the recovery process. We expect an increasing environmental and human (economic and emotional) toll. Working together we can decrease these impacts. Kia kaha Kaikōura.
Flying into Kaikōura on Tuesday.
Raised seabed – an ecological and economic disaster.
A sadly typical slippage along the coast roast. These have had a devastating impact on road and rail links.
Steffan and Rob Roche from Innovative Waste Kaikōura (Green MP Denise Roche’s brother)
Before heading to Kaikōura by helicopter on Wednesday, I checked with Rob Roche from Innovative Waste Kaikōura for any urgent needs. Fresh out of a logistics meeting, Porta-Loo sanitiser satchets were top of their list. I acquired 3 cartons and Rob was there to meet me.
A typical roading fracture, this one slumping towards the Kaikōura South Bay horse racing track.
Some of the hundreds of tourists and locals getting shipped out by crew from the HMNZS Canterbury to Lyttleton, first by landing craft at the WhaleWatch wharf.
The New Zealand Navy did a great job and by all accounts, between these landing craft and helicopters, everyone wanting out that day, got out.
A Navy Seasprite helicopter from the Canterbury lifts supplies into Kaikōura.
Mike, our pilot from Reid Helicopters, flew Bruce Pagan Welfare Officer from the Marlborough Emergency Control Centre and I to Kaikōura. A big thank you to everyone involved in the recovery!