we need palm oil labelling

Minister must make right decision on Palm Oil

It is great to see that four of New Zealand’s largest zoos have now thrown their weight behind the Australasian campaign for mandatory palm oil labelling.

Their moving video is well worth a watch.   As it points out, we are facing a future without gibbons, tigers and orangutans.

This problems with palm oil, and the reasons for mandatory labelling are also well covered in this recent Herald article.

The majority of New Zealanders care about the rainforest destruction caused by deforestation for palm oil plantations, and support mandatory labelling, but the Minister has still to make a decision.

Palm oil can be produced without deforestation. But to get companies to make the shift to certified sustainable palm Oil (CSPO), we need clear labelling.

I have been actively supporting mandatory labelling of palm oil for years now, highlighting the destruction caused by demand for palm oil.

Last year thousands of you emailed the Minister to tell her to support palm oil labelling.

The decision was delayed but is now up again soon, so we doing a final push to urge the Minister to make the right decision.

Please click here to add your voice and tell the Minister you want mandatory labelling of palm oil.