Metiria Turei: What we need from Budget 2016

Every family deserves a warm decent home.  Everyone believes that.

This housing crisis is just the latest consequence of a Government that puts the interests of a few wealthy people above the needs of NZ families.  Families are doing it tough because the government refuses to focus on what’s most important – homes, jobs, kids.  These are all important to us, but ignored by National MPs, who refuse to hear the real desperation of families.

People have been so brave in telling their stories about the housing crisis they face every day.  From those on the radio who have talked about the huge debt WINZ is forcing on them, to Rhiannon’s story of how different life events can pile up to drive you to desperation.

Meanwhile we have a government refusing to require a decent WOF on rentals so that kids are warm, safe and dry in their homes

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So what do I want to see in the Budget?

Five things:

  1. A significant investment in reducing child poverty, like moving the in-work tax credit to a genuine child payment that will bring thousands of families above the poverty line.
  2. No less than a $200m fund for Housing New Zealand (HNZ) to build new state houses. It’s just a start but will double the number of new homes HNZ acquired or built in the last financial year.
  3. An end to the state house sell-off program. We must increase the stock of state and social housing, not reduce it.  HNZ is not a real estate agency.
  4. A commitment to and the funding for the home insulation program. Over the last few years National has been removing money for the scheme so fewer and fewer homes are made warmer and drier.  A comprehensive WOF for rentals will be much more effective with a quality home insulation scheme supported by government.
  5. A capital gains tax (excluding the family home), a restriction on foreign buyers of residential property and a investment in regional economic development.  To cool the housing market and improve affordability, we need a suite of measures that deal with the drivers of house price growth.  And that includes direct housing measures as well as regional economic development so families have greater choices about where they can work and build secure and stable lives.

home insulation funding in previous budgets

Data is from the following funding programmes:

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Grants and Assistance (2008/09-2013/14
  • Home Insulation (2013/14-2015/16)
  • Warm Homes Grants and Assistance (2008/09-2010/11)
  • Warm Up New Zealand (2009/10-2013/14).

What would you like to see out of the 2016 Budget?

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  1. New Zealanders know John Key + Co achilles heel. reaction to polls

    Some would say that because JK does what what the opinion polls and focus groups tell him, that there has never been a government in New Zealand that has been more responsive to the wishes of the people. Is listening to the people a good thing to do, or a bad thing?

    Of course, all peoples opinions are not equal…

  2. I like what I see adressing the housing crisis in a meaningful way not just a stop gap knee jerk reaction to the poll as National is doing. New Zealanders know John Key + Co achilles heel. reaction to polls
    1, Flag reform
    2. NZ Housing Crisis which includes poverty issues for the children of lower income families.
    3, Create employment by incentives for business to employ our own people!
    4 Investigating tax evaders.
    5. Oil industry
    6. Improving rail.

  3. Commitment to Community Respite Centres for residents who are experiencing mental distress. Enables a more positive experience due to residents being able to have somewhere to unwind, have a trained Mental Health Worker/s available, a day or two break from the family etc.

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