Hospital meals making you sick

Dunedin hospital food - Green Party NZI don’t know about you but I felt a bit sick watching Health Minister Jonathon Coleman eat supposed Dunedin hospital food last week.  Dunedin people have tolerated a crumbling hospital, lower access to services, longer waiting times and gross food for too long.  Does he really think that Dunedin people are so easily fooled by such a cheap stunt?  And to claim that we have to “adjust our expectations” is a disgraceful statement by the Health Minister.

I  think that behind the cheap stunt and cheesy grin, his comment really hit at the heart of his approach to the health of New Zealanders. When he says “adjust your expectations” he’s really saying “lower your expectations, because Health is just not a priority”.

For years, the National Government, have been underfunding the health sector, leaving sick New Zealanders and their families to miss out and suffer. While he might not think that a gross hospital meal is a problem, we know that when you are sitting in a hospital bed, sick, sore and worried,  it really does matter.dunedin hospital food2

On top of that, his defence of the food is just another example of how the Health Minister always comes down on the side of status quo instead of the side of health. His instinct isn’t to listen to what people are saying and look into the issue. His instinct is to defend his low funding, long waiting times and his gross food instead of taking action. Just look at his Government’s listening to the junk food lobby instead of the hundreds of calls for a soft drink levy that would reduce our crippling obesity rates.

For the Minister to just go in for a stunt hospital meal and tell us that we need to stop being fussy, makes me feel sick.  Dunedin people are saying that we can’t stomach the food at our hospital.  And we can’t stomach his attitude either.

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  1. I don’t want to hear it about this garbage. I was in hospital in Christchurch twice before this privatization mess and the food I was served there by the ‘proud and hard working’ hospital staff was totally inedible. Cold powdered mashed potatoes, soggy rancid lettuce, sandwiches no newer than 2 days old minimum and furry fruits. Complaints were dealt with by telling me to just work through it, it is all what I need for a proper diet and that they know best. This isn’t the fault of the current system so quit with the rubbish blame game

  2. NACT would like to see the whole health system privatised and all of us be forced to have health insurance so more money could be extracted by the investor state they support. This sort of system is very inefficient with profits extracted at all levels making it more costly and the poor completely missing out.

    The only efficient health system is run by Govt and well funded with minimal private agency involvement but management has to be moderated by health professionals.

    Anything that diminishes out public health system or its effectiveness becomes and agenda item for NACT, Death by a thousand cuts.

  3. What a SAD SICK country. They probably CHARGE 50 dollars for that SLOP as well! Doesnt SAY MUCH for so called health professionals SUCKING UP THAT GARBAGE!!! DONT VOTE FOR the MEAN! VOTE GREEN!!!

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