DAY 9: New Zealand, We Can Do Better

Page from Germanwatch Report showing map of world with New Zealand ranked "very poor"
Climate Change Performance Index 2016 Partial Results • Climate Policy – Pages 20, 21

The big news of today is the release of Germanwatch and CAN Europe’s report, the Climate Change Performance Index 2016. Ranking 58 countries on aspects of climate policy, the report is yet more damning evidence of the National Government’s unwillingness to act effectively on climate change – we’ve dropped seven places in the last year, from 35th to 42nd, receiving an overall ranking of ‘poor’.

The question Julie Anne Genter asks NZ Herald readers – will we step up?

Day 9 was also Gender Day – an acknowledgement of the inequalities that surround climate change. While the disparity between developed and developing countries is clear, there are other disparities that are more nuanced, or aren’t as widely depicted in the media. Gender is one of these – women will feel the impacts of climate change more strongly than men. There are multiple reasons for this; food security, for example, which affects women in developing nations who are farmers and homemakers disproportionately. To understand how this works, start here.

Kennedy on PannelIndigenous communities, people with disabilities, and young people (intergenerational equity) are also people who will suffer from the effects of climate change more strongly. COP agreements often‘recognise’ this, but too little has been done to actively alleviate these disparities.

While this was occurring, Kennedy Graham shared a stage with Lord Nicholas Stern, a prominent climate change economist. Read some of his research here.

Kennedy was also interviewed by the European Greens about COP progress so far.

James Shaw also makes an appearance in a video – this one narrated by Morgan Freeman. Called ‘A Love Letter from #EarthtoParis’, the video is an expression of hope and will for real climate action from all over the globe. James appears briefly nine seconds in.

Civil society actions are springing up all over the place, producing inspiring images and videos. Here, here, and here are some examples relevant to the inequities discussed above.

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  1. Everyone here knows what is going on out there. Yet I frequently see other places and other people who imagine that they know better than the scientists.

    Such people are ideologically, no they are RELIGIOUSLY driven by free market fundamentalism. Which has never actually worked for any nation anywhere on the planet. Greed it seems, is NOT good. It is one of the seven deadly sins.

    “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    This is not yet the shock moment when everything is forced to change. It may however be the time when the change starts… perhaps a few short years before we would be forced to do so. This IS a good thing.

    Even if we have left it a long time too late.

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