DAY 1: New Zealand Wins an Award!

New Zealand’s first day in Paris was a real winner – literally. We are now the proud holders of the ‘Fossil of the Day’ award, which is given to countries who show the least amount of ambition that day.

We won because John Key called for action on fossil fuels, demanding that countries all over the world end fossil fuel subsidies, while New Zealand is still subsidising the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $46m annually. How embarrassing!

The Green Party is asking for John Key to practice what he preaches, and end fossil fuel subsidies at home before expecting others to do the same.

The first day at COP also saw leaders around the world deliver short speeches (parts one, two, three, four) – in New Zealand’s John Key made two funding announcements. New Zealand will put an extra $20m to agriculture research ($6m less than the cost of the flag referendum), and $200m towards climate change related aid, mostly in the Pacific (We are yet to see if this is new money or redirecting existing aid money).

If John Key were serious about both of these incredibly important issues, he’d be doing more than throwing a bit of money at them, he’d be including agriculture in the ETS review and raising our emissions reduction target. As Green MP Marama Davidson recently noted, solar panels don’t work when they’re underwater.

Meanwhile, Green MP Julie Anne Genter has been speaking to New Zealand media – have a listen to these interviews with Paul Henry and Morning Report.


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  1. It is very hard to reconcile that the government is subsidizing fossil fuels with the report
    I note the report specifically states “Overall, the APRNZ concluded that none of the eight measures reviewed constituted ‘inefficient subsidies that encourages wasteful consumption’. One of the measures, a temporary reduction in royalties on new natural gas discoveries, had expired in 2009 and had not been renewed; and, the Government of New Zealand had no plans for renewal. ”

    With regards the $46M for tax deductions that Gareth complains about, the report specifically states ” These measures are in line with the general taxation principles of New Zealand in terms of treating the petroleum industry in a fashion similar to all other sectors. ”
    I can’t see any embarrassment at all, apart from those that cherrypick and quote out of context.

  2. John Key needs to go, what an embarrassment he is, and a treasonous hypocrite. How can he stand there and talk about climate change, when he was inviting his “mates” back to sign the TPPA the weeks before, the deal which will cause major damage to our climate. As a human being, I am repulsed by the Governments of today, the Earth is our LIFESOURCE, protecting it should not be up for discussion. While our Prime Minister continues to run his own agenda, with flag changes and assisting the Terrorist/Obama/Corporate regime for World Domination, all under the rouse of TPPA, we have working poor,hungry children,child abuse,suicides the list goes on! Take care of our Planet, take care of our People!

  3. Gosh I can’t believe all these years down the track u guys are still talking about the same stuff we all knew about years ago! What a waste of tax payers money! As is the flag issue! People are dying in this country without surgeries and medicine we need. Our flag won’t fly under water either! Can it national noone wants a flag!
    Instead imprison those farmers for thirty years or more hard labour for those poor Bobby calve abuse.
    And start making our filthy farmers and industrial companies responsible for their waste. And clean up the environment at the same time. Meet Paris and reduce our filthy environmental emissions by 40% and stop mucking about with flags and unnesecary rubbish please! Noone wants it!

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