World Oceans Day

Today is world oceans day. So I thought today would be a good day to explain how New Zealand is falling behind in marine conservation and how the Green Party would help catch us up.

Here is evidence that the National Government is not a champion of marine conservation:

National is allowing set net and trawl fishing (which can kill our critically endangered Maui’s dolphins) in a marine mammal sanctuary

National has granted a mining licence for an area of the ocean where the sea floor is protected (called a benthic protected area)

National is in favour of iron sands mining off Patea near where blue whales are believed to forage

National has opened up vast areas of New Zealand’s waters to risky deep sea oil drilling

National is still letting our endangered New Zealand sea lion die in squid fishing nets when squid can be caught using the jigging method which poses no harm to sea lions.

Furthermore, the marine reserve that came into effect today, yeah, National initially declined it. It wasn’t until the Minister was taken to court and lost that the Government changed its mind.

But there is hope for our oceans. The Green Party has strong ocean’s policy that would protect our endangered marine mammals and keep our ocean healthy.

I have proposed that we create the world’s largest marine reserve around the Kermadec’s Islands which are north of New Zealand, but in waters that our Government is responsible for. This place has amazing wildlife worth protecting.