Why I’m voting for the Food Bill

You should be able to trust that what’s on your plate is safe and healthy. The Food Bill modernises the laws that ensure we can trust what’s on our plate. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve this Bill.
With your support I’ve been able to ensure that:

  • Genetic Modification has been reinstated into the Food Bill as a food safety issue
  • Food Safety is the overriding principle of the Bill, instead of just one of the factors to be considered. This helps protect our sovereignty
  • Many other changes

The Minister has also committed to working with me to ensure that the impacts of the bill on small scale growers and providers of food are minimised, especially where there is little food safety risk.

While we still want a genuinely independent food safety authority I’m happy to support the Food Bill to ensure that we get the wins that with your support I’ve been able to achieve.

To everyone who sent an email, wrote a letter, picked up the phone or made a submission to select committee, thank you for your support. It made a difference.

This will be the first in a series of posts that expand upon the Food Bill.

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  1. “I Tautoko your whakaaro/korero” Mr Browning

    All I want on my plate is ‘clean green’ meat, fruit & veg.. not GE & chemicals !

    kia ora

  2. A basic right to know what your eating and where it comes from is. a foundation stone of our health and nutritional wisdom.

    GM is a bigger ongoing battle as the stakes are high and the foe unscrupulous, powerful both politically and financially enabling corruption and seeding the environment. No leeway should be allowed nor contemplated.

    The Greens are making foundations for the future with targeted influence and public awareness.

    Who will join with them or will it be left to them to grow the party and out future.

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