Green Party initial list released

Today we released the initial draft of our party list.

We have an exciting line up of talented and experienced people going into this year’s general election.

The Green Party has a strong, dynamic team in Parliament and we’re looking forward to growing our numbers to make even more positive change.

That we have, in the first 15 of this initial list, two new comers, four Māori candidates and nine women shows that our members are focused on balancing diversity, fresh thinking, gender equity and experience.

Based on our members’ good work, our candidates are raring to go and eager to change the Government so we can start implementing policies to improve life for all New Zealanders.

The list we released today was made up from rankings given by delegates and candidates who attended the party’s February candidate conference. Delegates were able to put candidates through their paces and evaluate their performance. The initial list now goes to party members nation-wide to vote on using STV.

This is not the final list – it’s just the version that goes to all our party members around the country who can use it as a guide before casting their vote. Members receive detailed information about each candidate along with this initial list. They can use the initial list as a guide or dispense with it entirely – the choice is theirs.

We’re pretty democratic in the Greens and it is up to our members where we are ranked. Our list selection process is the most democratic of all the major parties. Personally I am proud of how engaged and involved our members are – far more so than in other parties.

Voting papers will be sent to party members in the first week of April. The final list will be announced by the end of May.