Keeping the pressure on Russia

I found it surprisingly emotional when I read out a motion yesterday in Parliament expressing support for our athletes heading to Sochi and especially the gay and lesbian community in Russia.

It makes me very proud that all parties in our Parliament backed this message of support for a community that has been taking hit after hit on their human rights.

Our passing of the motion has had some good coverage on gay news websites around the world, Truth Wins Out, the Gay Star News, and EILE Magazine from Ireland and it’s in the Chinese media online and in Spanish.

We only have a week or so now until the opening ceremony so the spotlight on human rights in Russia is growing.

The Guardian reported today about a letter that 52 Olympians, including 12 Sochi competitors, have written asking for Russia’s anti-homosexual laws to be repealed. They are criticising the International Olympic Committee and the big Olympic sponsors for not doing more to stand up for the values of inclusivity that the Olympics stand for.

I hope we can use this chance to get some change.

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  1. And who exactly appointed you to be the arbiter as to what is appropriate to expose Russian minors to?

    The laws regarding the welfare of children within the borders of the Russian Federation are a matter for the citizens of the Russian Federation and the Duma to determine and are no business of yours.

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