Hand Over a Hundy

Nothing quite beats growing your own food in your back yard. It saves money, tastes great, helps keep you and your family healthy and builds community resilience.

But it’s not always easy to get that garden started and many people don’t have the first idea of where to start, which is why I am 100% behind the project ‘Hand Over a Hundy’.

On Friday I attended their Christchurch launch, where the founder Jade Temepara spoke about the families she had worked with. I’ll let them use their own words to describe the project.

“Hand Over a Hundy is a one year challenge to young families to learn to grow and produce their own vegetable gardens.

They are sponsored a hundy (or $100) to buy all the essentials for their gardens. The families are given the option to have a gardening mentor for the year to help and resources to learn the ‘how to’s’.

The challenge is to recoup their money through savings or selling extra produce from their gardens. Then they Hand Over a Hundy to a new family at the end of the year.”

hand over a hundy

This project is part of a really exciting movement of people around New Zealand, and around the world, who are helping communities to get growing. Hand over a Hundy are looking for gardeners, mentors, coordinators, and supporters so do get it touch if you want to be involved.