FCV exemptions are very fishy

The exemptions given to tuna fishers and Iwi from the Foreign Chartered Vessel (FCV) legislation currently in front of Parliament are appalling and will undermine this otherwise worthy legislation.

The Green Party does not agree with any exemptions that mean slave ships continue to operate in our waters beyond the already generous time agreed for their demise.

New Zealand registered vessels and fishers are significant fishers already in this market and quite frankly this whole exemption is fishy.

The exemption for fishing that ‘targets a tuna species’ allows misuse, by the looseness of ‘targets’. Removing the exemption in its entirety, would have reduced the potential for gaming of targeting.

This exemption should please Sanford, who have been pushing back through their submissions regarding the phasing out of FCV’s.  Sanford also have has close links to the National Party. The current National Party President Peter Goodfellow is also a Director.

In 2011 Peter Goodfellow denied there is was any conflict of interest between his investment in the fishing industry and the then ministerial inquiry into allegations of slavery at sea.

We recognise that the original Bill had exemplary aims; of all vessels being under the possession and control of a New Zealand entity, and being required to adhere to all New Zealand laws.

This includes protecting the human rights of crew on Foreign Chartered Vessels (FCVs) operating within New Zealand’s jurisdiction, and ensuring  a full observer programme on fishing vessels, for the purposes of vessel safety, employment, fisheries research, management, and enforcement.

The Green Party will be battling to get rid of the amendments that have debased the orginal bill and allowed for slavery on our seas to continue for many years.

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  1. The fact that Nathan Guy indicated on 31 July that the exemption of Maori from the rules would be removed from the bill, and that this was reported in the Herald (online) at 5.30am on August 1, don’t you think that fairness to Mr Guy requires that you update this item?
    This was some time BEFORE frances commented on something that was already gone. Perhaps she might like to withdraw her claims also.

  2. Another example of National party tried to push through a law which allows them to further dodge any obligation morally,financially,and in many other areas…so they can grab huge profit freely from the resources owned by all Kiwis…these shameless people don’t even bother pretending that they care any more…

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