Are you one of the 70,000 who just got un-enrolled?

The Electoral Commission have just had to remove 70,000 New Zealanders from the electoral roll, after the election packs they sent out for the local body elections later in the year were returned, saying ‘gone – no forwarding address’. This was part of the checks to make sure that everyone who’s eligible is correctly enrolled to vote.

This means that there’s 70,000 people out there who have moved house but may not know even realise that they won’t be able to vote at the election.

If you think you might be included in this number, don’t despair! You’ve still got time to re-enrol in time to vote at the local body elections this year. Just head to, freetext your name to 3676, call 0800 36 76 56 or go to any PostShop by August 16th.

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  1. There are a few of problems I can see with this, and I haven’t thought about it that deeply.
    You couldn’t have postal voting, which is the way the local body elections are run. How do you send out the ballot papers?
    If you show up at the polling place, and they don’t have a roll, they would have to compile a roll there and then of the people who are voting. Someone would have to write down you full name, and address and then work out, somehow, which electorate you were entitled to vote in. They would have to record all this to enable the detection, and removal of duplicate votes. It is a lot quicker now with the roll to mark off the voter.
    You would also need to keep some equivalent of the electoral roll to enable the preparation of rolls of jurors. I believe they are used for that purpose as well as voting.

  2. @alwyn: you can already cast a special vote if out of your electorate on polling day.

    I’d suggest that anyone could turn up in Upper Hutt or someplace, produce some id and maybe proof of address and cast a vote in the electorate. (With an option for id refuseniks to register and vote in the usual way). It wouldn’t be a complex system do do this – Internal Affairs and NZIS already have databases of residents and citizens.

  3. They may be eligible to vote Rich but where are they going to be eligble?
    Are you suggesting that I don’t need to be enrolled at all but that I should be able to wander down to a polling booth in, say, Upper Hutt and be given polling papers?
    If people aren’t on the roll for a particular local body why should they be able to vote there?

  4. They need to change the system. (Almost) everyone physically in NZ who’s over 18 and a citizen or permanent resident is eligible to vote, so there should be no need for address confirmations.

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