Research supports organic farming solution to pesticide residues

University of Otago researchers have come to the same conclusion as the Green Party regarding pesticide use. In a statement released today, researchers concluded, “We can minimise the environmental impact of farming by going towards organic farming.” This was the result of a study published in the latest Environmental Pollution journal which found agricultural chemical residues in the sediments of our South Island streams.

Organic farming is the clean green solution to pesticide residues.

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  1. People who think that more pesticides and greater production per acre are going to help us all are ignoring some really important workers.

    The bottom line is that what we are doing now is NOT sustainable and is NOT going to lead to us feeding a larger portion of the planet’s population, quite the reverse. We have to back off the pesticides and fungicides, do a lot more manual intervention to get rid of the problem species and accept that good food is worth a lot more than anyone is paying now. Which means that the economy needs to be rebalanced along more sustainable lines.

  2. One of the <sarcasm>nice, fun</sarcasm> corners of this is that past DDT use is incompatible with future dairy farming. That makes land that has been under trees potentially valuable to change; but that has greenhouse implications.

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