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  1. New Zealand exporters are largely dependent on our clean green image (around 75%) and most of this is based on the images of Fiordland and its World Heritage status. I am worried that the National led Government hasn’t learned its lesson from the demise of Solid Energy (and their half baked schemes) and yet again New Zealand will be subjected to short sighted thinking for limited commercial gain and long term environmental pain. http://localbodies-bsprout.blogspot.co.nz/2013/07/nick-smith-avoid-meeting-save-fiordland.html

  2. It’s interesting that Smart Growth planners hate the cul-de-sac. It’s almost like they hate anything that supports socialisation in its real form. They also hate cars which are infinitely better places to socialise than a bus or train. They hate private schooling too, where people can chose their own company, and they hate homeschooling. They’re just ******* in the head.


  3. Thanks, Viv. Our local Coal Action group actually found there is great power in being open about our plans, which have always been about public education, writing submissions, building alliances and looking for alternative clean green industries. We never had anything to hide and this made the spying so ridiculous. It is a truly sad situation when it is actually the public who have to resort to the OIA to get what should be public information from our Government. Solid Energy always had more secrets than we did, and still do 😉

  4. I trust you are well, Mark?
    Winnie’s found himself a wicked little spot to crouch in, waiting, watching, grinning…
    I hope he strikes an unforgettable blow, rather than a low one. With Mr Peters, one never knows which option he will choose.
    Splendid day in my town today, blue skies, not a breath. Lit me a little bonfire ’cause it’s winter and there are elements to be recognised.

  5. Good article sprout. There could be other Solid Energy related job losses though, what about the private investigators they spent $200K on? Guess we’ll never know who was at the lignite camps as a spy. I suppose they’ll get a new job infiltrating anti-deep sea drilling and anti-fracking groups.

  6. Yep. During his time in the ‘the wilderness’ I saw him at a railway station reading one of my favourite Denis Glover’s pieces aloud…..not quite convincing…..but he came back with signs of a backbone.
    Hope he and the Maori Party have been taught a lesson by the recent by-election – running back and forth across the floor of our house can leave one caught between two fires….(hey – good to hear from you two!)

  7. I don’t think Winston will enable the Gnats. He’ll toy with them until they are dribbling with excitement, then bat them into touch, Key first, then the rest of the craven mob.
    That’s what I reckon.

  8. Winston Peters time in the background hasn’t done what I’d hoped. He still shows a tendency to be a vociferous sellout to the Gnats – The Price Is Right Party?

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