Good news for our ocean

Thanks to consumer pressure, Sealords announced today its canned tuna will soon be FAD-free. That means that Sealords has agreed to stop using fish aggregation devices (FADs), a method of fishing that also can kill other wildlife such as turtles and sharks.

This is good news for our oceans. Big thanks goes to Greenpeace and and everyone else who has been tirelessly working on this issue.

Bycatch in the fishing industry is a huge global problem. But today’s announcement by Sealords highlights that there are solutions.

As consumers, lets all keep up the pressure on companies to operate ethically and sustainably. And I will do my best in Parliament to ensure that the law protects our oceans.

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  1. What, this is facebook now, and we all have to go *like*?

    Slightly more seriously, given this is a place of relatively refined debate, is there anyone here likley to stand up and say this is a lousy decision (with supporting reasons, of course) thus providing the basis for an exchange of views? This post is a press release, no more, no less.

    I do note that Gareth has pluralised Sealord, perhaps that needs to be discussed?

  2. I agree with Robyn I expected lots of feedback but this doesn’t detract from the importance of their decision.

  3. Agree with the above though I find it interesting that good news seems to invite so few comments!

    Shall we move on and find something else to moan about or what???

  4. Let’s hop Sealord will keep their promise and it will last…
    Not just a temporary PR exercise. Let’s keep close eye on them…

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