Looking up for bees?

Protection for bees is one step closer after a proposal was brought to the European Commission to suspend the use of bee-harming chemicals on certain crops.

Beekeepers in New Zealand are really concerned about the loss of bees here, as are the big food growers including Federated Farmers because of the impact that the loss of bees (and therefore pollination of crops) will have on the production of food.

Earlier this month the European Food Safety Authority released their conclusions on the effect of three neonicotinoids on bee health.

As they say, “given the importance of bees in the ecosystem and the food chain and given the multiple services they provide to humans, their protection is essential”.

We wholeheartedly agree, which is why the Green Party have been advocating for restrictions on the use of these chemicals for years. Time for us to do something about it.

Now we have to wait for the European Commission to prepare the technical regulations on this proposal and for the European Union member states to agree to them.

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  1. Realistically, the science on this is dodgy, from both sides. I don’t think anyone really knows. We can probably assume that there is some effect on bee health by these neo-nicotinoids but we need to keep perspective, they aren’t going to wipe them out.

    This is purely an economic issue, not an environmental one. Because of the varroa mite, unless you live in Southland (for now) any honey bee that you observe is from a managed hive. Because of this it becomes a straight calculation between the increased costs on the beekeeping industry by the impact that these pesticides are having on hive populations and the increased costs on the cropping and horticultural industries by not having these chemicals available. The costs tothe bee industry may be significant, but are they that significant? I’m not too sure that they are.

    There are easier and less costly things we could do, particularly around ensuring suitable nector and pollen sources available.

  2. Excuse me but my english language is very bad

    The bees are so inportant for us , for our life and for earth, i don’t understand the compagny uses chemicals product and why there is many and many farmers cut trees and nature …

    Do you know the Colony Collapse disorder ?


  3. At long last, a glimmer of common sense when it comes to protection of honeybees and their critical place in our economy and ecology.

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