ICT Initiatives Launch

On Monday we launched 3 brand new ICT initiatives in a proposal that has had overwhelmingly positive feedback from across the NZ ICT industry, media and social media.

We want to see ICT boom in NZ. It is a jobs-rich sector and it employs many more New Zealanders than mining, its jobs are highly-paid, it makes use of our ingenuity and creativity as a nation – all while having a low environmental impact.

Our ICT policy is being reviewed and this proposal is just one small part of it. From our wide consultation with the sector, we think it’s one that will make big changes

Lance Wiggs; co-founder of Pacific Fibre:

Gareth Hughes; our ICT spokesperson:

Industry, media and Greens at the launch:

Russel outlines our 3 key proposals:

Russel and Lance Wiggs


Some of the great coverage of our proposal so far: