JT does the time warp, again

The John Tamihere Horror Show has returned and is not so much about a jump to the left or a step to the right, but a giant leap backward into some weird chauvinistic 1960s time warp where “no fat chicks” or gays are allowed.

For that he’s been called a charming rogue, who represents the backbone of traditional left.

Rubbish. The working class (half of whom are women) is no more represented by Tamihere’s anachronistic views about women, than the business community was by Alasdair Thompson when he blamed a lack of promotion of women on the fact they get a monthly period. Thompson, incidentally, was fired for that remark.

There is nothing charming, or roguish about a privileged man who is so threatened by women that all he can do is call them fatties and front bums.

If he really wants to grow up, as former Labour president Mike Williams insists he has, he’ll need to break away from the pre-adolescent planet he’s been stuck on.

He may have been king of the sandpit castle once. But the rest of the world has moved on.


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  1. Tamihere probably represents the men who didn’t vote at all at the last election which ensured Labour’s defeat This group does have outdated views on gender issues; but more to the point, they are sick of the excessive attention devoted to them. For example, why is same sex marriage such a big deal? Next thing they will want the right to divorce. In the total scheme of things, it’s not as important as unemployment, or child poverty. Also if someone is called fat, it is either an accurate description or it is not. In the example quoted by Tamihere it is spot on and in an era of so much obesity, relevant. Other comments made by John are over the top and in my opinion to the right of David Shearer’s more wishy-washy blandness. But I know which will register.

  2. I agree with all the above, yet… I have actually met and interviewed the guy (some years ago) and was impressed with his acumen, his philosophy and his actions for Waipareira Trust. He was totally respectful of me and extremely helpful. I don’t understand why he does all this other stuff, he doesn’t need to.

  3. The behaviour demonstrates Tamihere thinks that

    1. positioning himself as the/a leading fugure in one of the factions (blokes/men who are not politically correct) of the Labour Party is to his political advantage.
    2. posing as someone who brings with him his own constituency (both within and outside the party) gives him more leverage within caucus.

    There is another factor at play though, as a Maori not seeking a Maori seat or making an issue of Maori identity, he had Winston Peters as a role model.

    Tamihere wants in on the next Labour government (be Minister for whanau ora/social development) and then to go independent in the post Winston (and post Maori Party era) to preserve that legacy in coalition governments.

  4. Whilst I agree with your sentiment Kevin..
    I suspect that Mr. Tamihere’s ‘views’ maybe more widespread than most would freely admit to. Does Aotearoa/NZ want a giant jump backwards ?
    Another grab for the ‘populist vote’


  5. I suspect Thompson was fired as much for his bizarre bullying behaviour towards Mihingarangi Forbes as his period reference – another example of the sort of misogyny that most of New Zealand left behind in the 60’s and 70’s.

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