Brain fades to grey

Has John Key’s brain joined the exodus to Australia? Who or what is actually running the country?

If John Key’s brain was sunning itself in Queensland it would explain a few things starting with how the Prime Minister can’t remember anything that it doesn’t suit him to remember.

The latest lapse, over how he voted on alcohol law changes, really did seem to be a case of wanting to change reality instead of telling the truth.

He voted for the drinking age to stay at 18 but when told a poll showed the public supported moving the age to 20 he said that’s how he voted.

How long has the Prime Minister been running with the country while his mind is elsewhere?

Well back in 2006 John Key’s brain took another wee holiday when he just couldn’t remember what his position was during the 1981 Springbok tour.

It was one of the nation-building moments in New Zealand’s history but John Key’s brain wasn’t there for that one.

John Key’s brain may have been working on its tan across the Tasman for much of this year too.

It certainly wasn’t around when the spy agency he has oversight of, the GCSB, decided to illegally spy on a New Zealand resident, Kim Dotcom, it wasn’t in the room when the Prime Minister got a briefing which made it clear the resident was being spied on, and he can’t remember cracking a joke about Mr Dotcom on a visit to the GCSB.

He can’t remember what staff were involved, what advice he got, who else he discussed the illegal spying with.

Various bloggers have done lists of all the things the PM conveniently can’t recall. The lists are long and revolve around denying knowing something when he did. Highlights include meeting with Mediaworks before granting a massive hand-out; signing documents to buy luxury cars but then saying he had not been told about the deal; or promising to retrieve the bodies of the Pike River miners no matter the cost.

Maybe John Key’s brain came back briefly in February 2011 when he remarked about one of his brain fades “The whole thing has been sloppy and frankly the public deserves better.”

Shame brain didn’t hang around a bit longer.

Perhaps it’s all that time spent fantasizing about life on Planet Key, where every day’s a holiday and no-one bothers him about poverty or unemployment; or perhaps Mr Key just finds it convenient to forget things that could hurt him politically. Either way, in the Prime Minister’s own words: “The whole thing has been sloppy and frankly the public deserves better.”

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  1. It is pretty difficult to remember the chain of incidence that occur on a particular day. However, for John Key to claim he is completely oblivious of the people that are connected to the case is quite fishy.

  2. Just because Mr key says “I can’t remember” is not an excuse for anything..
    If someone committed a violent crime, would the court accept “I can’t remember” as an excuse & a reason to ‘dismiss without a conviction ?’
    NOT BLOODY LIKELY !! We (the taxpayers) don’t pay these people $100,000++ to selectively sit in the parliament & just say “I can’t remember” IT’S JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH !!


  3. And of course you can remember exactly what you were doing on February 29th, who you met with, exactly what they said and the jokes you told on the day.

    I’m impressed.

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