Congratulations Keith

Keith with Tamil protestors calling for unlocking of the camps.

Keith in Free Zaoui T-shirtKeith with Megaphone infront of parliamentCongratulations Keith. It is great to see Keith recognised for his passionate hard work standing up for human rights both at home and around the world.

Keith was awarded Amnesty International Aotearoa’s 2012 Human Rights Defender award over the weekend.

We could devote pages to the campaigns, issues and individual cases (not just high profile but the many more that didn’t make headlines) but instead we invite readers to browse through some of Keith’s posts and remember all the work he did before becoming an MP.

It was an honour to work with Keith and we look forward to the next opportunity to catch up with his latest work.

For those that didn’t see Keith was on Firstline this morning you can catch the interview here.

– Metiria and Russel

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  1. Keith Locke is a good example of how a psychological damaging upbringing can manefest itself in the actions of the adult-survivor. To survive his upbringing is a significant acheivment as so many do not, but the scars and behaviours are there for all to see.

    For him to then seek to impose his damaged condition on others would be pitiful it was harmless, but alas he was not.

    Keith Lock and John Banks are two sides of the same, very messed up (families and early lives) coin, and provide a sterling example as to why we need a functioning CYPS service to intervene and remove vulnerable children from their toxic ‘upbringing’.

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