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  1. At $29.99 a kilo, still cheaper than Swiss Cheese. Even the imported Swiss which is still cheaper than our own stuff more than half the time.

    Should we have a tax on it to pay the health effects in terms of heart disease and stroke?

  2. New Zealand winning the top spot in the Transparency International’s Corruptions Perception Index last year…

    …would make you think that the authorities have got a good handle on any corruption being undertaken here.

    Not necessarily. There could be many reasons why NZ is less bad than many other places.

    But one will never get to a point of zero corruption. So one would expect the odd bit of excitement to surface.

  3. Seems the old firearms debate has wound up in the Disarmament Thread, what shall we debate next philly boy ? oh I so love to read your unique writing style, it flows like raw sewage into the pristine river of the real world.

    Id like to talk about Vegan Diets

    – Are they just a fad for people with superiority complexes ?
    – Where does the body gets its iron from ?
    – Is it the same sort of iron ?
    – Is a side effect narcissism ?
    – Why do we have canine teeth and enzymes for meat ?
    – Are vegans in constant denial ?
    – Are they really as healthy as their meat eating counterparts ?
    – Do vegetables feel pain like animals do ?
    – Are we witnessing the decline of man in vegans ?

    Now me I love a good eye fillet steak and the bloody juicy mess it leaves on my plate just waiting to be soaked up with beer batter fries mmmmm mmmmmm heaven at the expense of the environment..nothing quite like it.

    $29.99 a KG though mind you.

  4. Web of corruption

    New Zealand winning the top spot in the Transparency International’s Corruptions Perception Index last year would make you think that the authorities have got a good handle on any corruption being undertaken here.

    But this doesn’t appear to be the case. A few years ago, a New Zealand company called GT Group was implicated in a complex financial scheme that embezzled and laundered funds on an international scale…

  5. (i found this..and would have posted it anyway..but y’know..!..)


    “…Most mainstream videos feel like little more than an opportunity to watch half-naked women drink champagne atop expensive cars.

    Gone are the days of “Thriller” and “Take on Me.”

    Instead, MTV has a show called “I Just Want My Pants Back.”

    But while MTV’s busy remaking Teen Wolf (seriously!), hard-of-hearing performers are hard at work producing and publishing videos of their favorite songs.

    You can now find dozens of videos online reshot and translated into American Sign Language.

    The Deaf Performing Artists Network (D-Pan), an organization that promotes and produces entertainment for the deaf or hard of hearing, has made some higher-quality examples –

    – but most of the videos out there are labors of love by fans who sign to their favorite songs.

    White Stripes, “We’re Going to Be Friends”: Similar to a great cover song or drag show, the best ASL videos don’t just translate lyrics –

    – they reinterpret the energy, style, and even the meaning for audiences.

    Produced by D-PAN, this video substitutes Jack and Meg White lounging on a couch for a playground full of children.

    Cute, wholesome – and still indie somehow…”



  6. Rena splits in two

    Neither Stuart Crosby nor the unnamed Maritime New Zealand spokesperson said why people shouldn’t touch the debris, while Minister for the Environment, Nick Smith says there’s no risk at all. Talk about mixed messages…

  7. (this one has more than a few belly-laughs..)


    “..Live Action Ken on Stage featured Ken in his disco finery.

    The stage was motorized, so Ken could “dance” as he sang, and it came with a record.

    One side was an instrumental, and the other featured Ken singing “A Little Bit of That Sky” (listen here!) –

    – which would’ve made Barbie throw her panties at him – had she been wearing any – the tramp…”


  8. One that probably isn’t there… the anomalies in the 9/11 analysis of the building collapses are due to ground based operatives in some parts of some buildings. Not CIA or FBI but Al-Qaeda and their existence is hushed up because it would lead to even greater discrimination against people who appear to be Muslim. ???

    I like the video though. It is really well done…

    The people running the USA these days are ALL batshit psychopaths with delusions of grandeur.

  9. (this is kinda interesting..one done for here would be useful…

    ..tho’ of course mmp altered everything…

    ..so those historical imperatives wouldn’t be there…)


    “…Amidst all the fuss about President Obama’s sagging poll numbers, the struggling U.S. economy, and “who’s up and who’s down” in the Republican presidential primary contest –

    – American University professor Allan Lichtman has issued his “sure fire” prediction for the outcome of the November 2012 election.

    Lichtman is no crystal ball gazer.

    His predictions are based on a formula he developed in 1981 in collaboration with a Russian geophysicist – who had previously specialized in creating models used to forecast earthquakes.

    Their approach was based on a thorough analysis of the forces at work in shaping the political landscape in every U.S. presidential elections from 1860 to 1980.

    From this examination they developed their predictive model.

    And since then, Lichtman has used it to correctly forecast the outcome of every election from 1984 through 2008.

    Instead of looking at polling numbers which show a snapshot of public opinion at a point in time – Lichtman analyzes macro trends in the economy and the society –

    – viewing them as if they were tectonic plates whose shifting below the surface have the ability to create rumblings that can alter the political landscape.

    He identified 13 such indicators and calls them the “13 Keys to the Presidency.”

    According to Lichtman, if the incumbent party (that is, the political party that is currently in the White House) can claim eight of the “13 Keys,” then they can be assured of victory in the next election.

    If, on the other hand, they hold seven or less – they are headed for defeat.

    The “13 Keys” (with some explanatory notes) are:..”



  10. this is the inevitable destination of that memorandum-of-understanding road..

    wot happens when you lie down with tories..


    “..“…Only one in four people who voted Liberal Democrat at the last election still supports the party –

    – according to new research…”

    ..can i suggest you work out who/what you are..and stick to it…?

    ..and stop this neo-lib/tory-flirtation dead in its’ tracks..?

    ..and become what you should be..?

    ..which ain’t that..




  11. whoar..!..

    ..not only is that animal fat/flesh/blood slowly killing you thru dealing to you physically..

    ..now it emerges the diet most of you follow also rots yr brains..

    ..and brings on/accelerates dementia…

    ..will you never/ever learn..?


    “..“…Associate Professor John Stevens, from the School of Health and Human Services at Southern Cross University, says people who suffer from risk factors for heart disease could safeguard themselves from dementia by following a healthy lifestyle.

    “The same lifestyle risk factors that cause abnormal decline in heart health and function – obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels – affect the cognitive health and rate of decline of the brain in similar ways.”

    The findings provide new insights into the processes of normal ageing, he said…”



    p.s…recipies/nutritional-info/tasty-options/solutions can be found here..


    reverse/stop that inevitable physical/mental-decline/premature-death..


    ..you have all the reasons..you have all the tools to hand..

    ..so you really have to ask yrslves..

    ..’why not..?’..


  12. I think we may be looking at alcohol infestation here – it’s worse than liquefaction – more like liquidation.

  13. nzwhatever..

    have you tried st johns’ wort..?

    ..that may help…

    ..you seem to get far too wound up…

    ..and..are you going to answer that rand-question..?


  14. nzmr2guy

    Most of us like Phil just the way he is.

    Sure he’s abrasive, picks fights, proselytizes for veganism and links back to his site. I follow those links more often than not and often find nuggets of which I was unaware. I have not been disappointed with his content… and he’s right about not eating meat… (its just hard to persuade my Russian Mother-In-Law)… and he makes good points most of the time, even when I disagree I still have to think.

    As far as his style? We’ve gotten used to it.


    You claimed earlier to not “believe” the science behind Global Warming – perhaps we can divert you from the personal to the practical?


    Which part of the following things do you NOT believe?

    1. The radiated energy equilibrium ( gozintas = gozoutas ) of solar radiation and geothermal sourced heat vs the planets own radiated energy determines this planet’s temperature. ( The basic law of conservation of energy – Nobody can argue with that one )

    2. Specific gases, especially CO2, H20 and CH4, slow the emission of radiation from the Earth’s surface to space. This adjusts the equilibrium temperature. ( a directly observed property of molecules of the gases in question). Fundamental molecular spectroscopy, and an observational fact for the simple molecules CO2, H2O and CH4. )

    3. Human burning of fossil fuels and clear-cutting and other releases have greatly and rapidly increased the amount of the greenhouse gas CO2 over pre-industrial values. ( The observed isotope ratios and mass balance of increased content of atmospheric CO2, as well as the rate of change of the CO2 content all make it impossible to deny that the CO2 in the atmosphere is a result of our activities, the numbers involved are impossible to achieve through any other theoretical mechanism)

    4. The radiative balance has therefore shifted.

    Anything there you can argue? Not really. No scientist would bother trying. The only arguments I am aware of are related to the DEGREE of warming, not the fact of it.

    On which point I should remind you that the last time that the atmospheric CO2 reached the levels we see now, some three million years ago, the temperature was 4+ degrees warmer and the sea 30 meters higher.

    That’s not some FUTURE level of CO2 that we seem to be intent on reaching, it is what we have TODAY, and we’ve hardly slowed the pace in spite of the global recession. The only thing that keeps the flood at bay is the size and thermal mass of the ocean… which is warming as absorbs more CO2 ( partial pressures, remember your science ). The thing is we’ve increased the CO2 50 TIMES (that is 5 THOUSAND percent) faster than at any time we have any knowledge of in the history of the planet.

    So the planet is only starting to respond.

    It isn’t good news mate. It is the worst possible position to be putting future generations in… but that’s what we’re doing because the science really IS telling us something that is desperately inconvenient.


  15. I got a mate who likes to use forums to take both sides of the argument…..

    Doesn’t need an opponent – he’s made one of himself – both suffer.

    Leave him on a desert island is perhaps the only cure.

    Make sure he has no mirrors – can’t see himself.

    Can’t hurt anyone else.

    I’m all for write your heart out therapy – but I thought this was the Green Party Website.

    Even they seem to abandon all hope.
    Despite your fond dream-protests BJ.

    If politick isn’t real – we may fall back to our front legs and climb trees

    btw; Mr2 4 sale here!

  16. Toad at 10.10am

    Mea culpa. I hit the wrong symbol and said I didn’t like the headline.
    I meant to say I DID like it. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

  17. The US spent approximately $1.5 trillion last year on its military, with interest paid on debt incurred running at around $430 billion. The scary thing is that some experts estimate these indirect costs will eventually exceed direct military funding…

    holly shit such a waste of money ….. you can make a lot of job opportunity from that huge amount of money !

  18. Nah Phil, I use the same logic your lot uses.

    “I think that is good because other like minded people told me”

    You think that comment fell short well check out the one in the other General Debate section…its a gem.

  19. where do you get yr news/information from there nzwhatever…?


    ..or do you rely on that august publication ‘neo-lib monthly’…?


  20. Yesterday I added this link from Stuff to Gareth’s FrogBlog post (here) about a month ago, but I’ll add it here too.

    I’m more than a little concerned that Tim Macindoe, who’s running the Justice and Electoral Select Committee, has gone on record believing that “online voting” is “almost certainly the next natural evolution of the electoral process” towards regaining the interest of young people.

    I’d like to know much more of what he means by this and how serious he is, because in my mind it’d be very easy for what many people mean when they say “online voting” to send the integrity of New Zealand’s electoral system down the tubes.

  21. Thats nzmr2guy, phil..whatever. My loss ? LOL, my advice, hire a web developer and get a real job. Media Outlet Owner…pffft walking Tui Ad more like it.

    On topic, yes NATO the UN and all those other little agencies love to meddle in the affairs of other countries (or groups of people), one of my all time favorites was what the UN did in Rawanda.

  22. Iraq’s lookin real good too Phil.
    42 killed (forget the injured, maimed – we do)in one suicide bomb attack overnight – how did that Al Qaeda fella, the Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood get so much power there? – Toad will reveal all by lunchtime (2mins)and be out of the Country directly – but then WHO isn’t leaving?

  23. i think that for many…you will need to explain yr punchline there toad…

    ..off ya go..!..)

    ..(leans forward..palms cupped under chin..)


  24. (libya seems to be getting ugly…it was predicted..)

    “..NATO has stirred up a hornet’s nest in Libya.

    The picture we get from reading front-line reports is one of utter chaos – with the so-called “NTC” now fighting among itself in a myriad of terrorist factions –

    – rather than providing any form of “Government” – which it was always going to be utterly incapable of anyway.

    How can a bunch of terrorists and thugs, rapists, murderers, torturers, arsonists, looters and thieves constitute a Government?

    What did NATO expect?

    The Libyan people had peace and prosperity for 42 years.

    The Jamahiriya system of government is participative democracy – far more participative than western-style Parliamentary systems – where for instance someone like Cameron can be Prime Minister with a minority of the votes.

    In the Jamahiriya system communities organise what they need – and the Government distributes what they want.

    Libyans have enjoyed prosperity, free housing and utilities.

    They will not give up these birthrights – certainly not to foreigners and foreign-imposed terrorists who have raped Libya’s women –

    – who have perpetrated racist attacks – who have beheaded people in the street –

    – who have tortured children – who have invaded private property – who have committed sodomy, arson, robbery…

    These are criminals and in supporting these torturers and terrorists – NATO is liable for war crimes –

    – along with its political and military leaders…”



  25. Theres a difference between pushing a dusty trolley round and acting like an arrogant, smug, self exhalterating prick.

    I thought the whole point of this forum was to have balanced arguments with decent and well thought out responses to the 2 sides.

    All we get from phil is links to his shitty website, poetry, and indirect answers to simple arguments put forth.

    Mabey im just as bad, but really when you look at phils smug responses, can you blame me for getting a little peeved off ?

    All im asking is he

    a) types \ write normally so people understand his point
    b) that he makes a point
    c) that the point relates to the question \ argument put forth

    None of this airy fairy BS. Can ya do that for us phil ? eh ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  26. Mr2 Guy; If others (like me) are allowed to push their dusty old trolleys around here – why not Phil?

    I don’t agree with all his points, yet feel the guy has an enormous interest and energy – I think even Jesus talks about apathy in terms of spewing (probly that warm beer).

  27. Obama’s best decision

    The US spent approximately $1.5 trillion last year on its military, with interest paid on debt incurred running at around $430 billion. The scary thing is that some experts estimate these indirect costs will eventually exceed direct military funding…

  28. Toad; I’ll back Obama against anything on the Republican Map – if John Wayne were alive maybe they’d have a Shot (pardon the pun), but I feel the Current Prez has stayed in touch – actually pulled troops out (whilst keeping his head) and given another 4 more might just haul the Economy around.

    As one who has spent some time round the States – I would say that Health Care there is a Basic Human Rights Must!!!!

    The Media frenzy that starts there a year before the Elections is a bum reporters game – (you know, the Journo’s who write over their breakfast Bloody Mary’s)and puts the whole Nation and Presidency into a holding pattern (who else could afford such enormous waste!)

    I’ll have a look at your link – but regard the Republican Effort there as a shot Duck (say where IS Dick Cheney?).

  29. Oh Phil and just in case you missed this post in the last general debate. Here is a re-airing, looking forward to some poetry in response.

    Insults no, how about observations.

    I gather you are a washed up unemployed broadcaster who thinks that running a 2nd rate wordpress blog constitutes a real job and hyped up postion title. I note Whoar..whatever has lots of advertisers on the homepage LOL. Im a Web Developer and trust me that site is rubbish along with 99% of the content if anyone could be assed reading it.

    I suspect that you sit behind your computer screen to much and have lost the ability to interact with real human beings and you make up for this lack of social skill by coming up with an online persona that attempts to say

    – “hey look at me im better than you because I write like poet.”
    – “im not going to answer your argument because mine is better and yours is simplistic”
    – “im a green vegan, therefore im morally superior to you”

    I also think you are arrogant and think way to highly of yourself and exhibit qualities that are not normal.

    Pity others on here are to wussy to call you out for who you really are.

    That about sums it up.

  30. Phil get a job and stop using the Green forum as a plug in for your crap blog.

    If you’ve got a topic to discuss feel free to raise it like normal people here do instead of directing us to your hobby website.

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