Where the Greens are tops

Here is the list of booths where the Green Party came first.  We won the Party Vote in at least 26 places around the country.

I have excluded very small booths like Arthurs Pass (we won with 19 votes) and Okiwi (10 was enough for first place).  In fact I’ve excluded any booth where under 100 votes were cast.  That meant omitting Pawarenga, where we tied for first with National and Labour with 3 votes, and Te Rerenga in Hauraki-Waikato, where we tied for first with everyone, despite getting no votes at all.

The record for the highest ever number of Green votes at a booth was set this election: 619 at Aro Valley in Wellington Central.  This beats the 586 we got at the same booth in 2002.

Waiheke Primary School (529 votes) Green 33% Nat 27% Lab 25%
Jubilee Park (214) Green 29% Lab 29% Nat 26%
University, 630 Cumberland St (547) Green 37% Nat 27% Lab 27%
Karitane (242) (another tie) Green 31% Nat 31% Lab 26%
Long Beach (139) Green 32% Lab 29% Nat 25%
Opoho (592) Green 35% Lab 33% Nat 25%
Waitati (397) Green 38% Nat 30% Lab 20%
Warrington (222) Green 34% Nat 29% Lab 27%
Broad Bay (310) Green 46% Lab 24% Nat 20%
Wellington Road, Paekākāriki Green 35% Lab 32% Nat 24.5%
St Peters Hall, Paekākāriki Green 35.5% Lab 32.7% Nat 23%
Peria (146) Green 33% Lab 29% Nat 17%
Lyttelton – recreation centre (928) Green 35% Lab 31% Nat 25%
Lyttelton West School (263) Green 33% Lab 29% Nat 29%
Brooklyn – community centre (113) Green 40% Lab 31% Nat 24%
Lyall Bay – surf club (659) Green 34% Lab 31% Nat 26%
Newtown, 235 Adelaide Rd (193) Green 40% Lab 26% Nat 26%
Capital E (131) Green 37% Lab 31% Nat 27%
Piha (443) Green 36% Nat 33% Lab 21%
Newtown, 11 Hutchinson Rd (182) Green 37% Lab 29% Nat 26%
Aro Valley – Community Centre (1408) Green 44% Lab 31% Nat 16%
Te Aro School (207) Green 33% Nat 30% Lab 27%
Wellington High School (392) Green 35% Nat 30% Nat 27%
Marahau (129) Green 46% Nat 35% Lab 13%
Ngatimoti (223) Green 38% Nat 27% Lab 20%
Onekaka (175) Green 50% Nat 27% Lab 17%

Well done to the Green Party candidates, campaign managers, and volunteers who organised around the areas that voted at those polling booths. I’m hoping there will be many more polling places where the Greens poll tops, come 2014.

Update: I have been reminded by Jack McDonald, the amazing 18 year old candidate for Te Tai Hauauru, who managed to more than triple the Green  Party vote in that electorate, that I omitted two booths in the Mana electorate where the Greens polled best.  Thanks, Jack.  Have updated table above accordingly.

And thanks to Jeremy Hall from Mt Roskill electorate (who was Campaign Manager for our new MP Julie Anne Genter) for doing the initial number crunching.

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  1. There is another scenario, john-ston, while Labour undergo a period of rebuilding and internal powershifting, the Greens will establish themselves as the dominant opposition party. Given that we already have an established leadership team (who have already proven themselves over the past election) and our clearly articulated, and much copied, election priorities are still relevant, we have a head start on Labour. With potentially 14 MPs, the Greens will be able cover portfolios much easier and have stronger responses to issues as they develop. Even with a smaller number of MPs over the last term we were front footing Labour in some areas.

    Internationally the “left” is often represented by two large parties who form stable coalitions when elected to do so. There is always the possibility of Labour becoming the supporting party in a Green led government. Watch this space 😉

  2. I hate to burst your guys bubble, but now the hard work begins for you – 2014 will probably be like 2005 in that the two big parties will be up against each other, and squeezing every last vote from the minor parties in the process.

    While I am not a Green supporter, I do agree that you guys deserve the result that you got and for that I congratulate you.

  3. I have been hearing a bit of ‘buzz’ about whether the Greens should consider running a 2 tick campaign in strategic seats.. these results give credence to the idea. 40%+ in 6 booths – Yahoo

    Onward & UPWARD !


  4. That’s hard to look at. Why don’t you enter it into Excel and then just copy past the form data into your editor? That way you can resize it without low resolution issues.

    [frog: Agreed. It was a quick post once I had the details, the formatting now sorted to make it look better.]

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