Sue and Keith’s valedictory speeches

Sue Kedgley and Keith Locke — two of the original seven Green MPs who came into Parliament in 1999 — are standing down from Parliament at this election.

The House grants outgoing MPs a chance to reflect on their time in Parliament with a valedictory speech. You can watch Sue and Keith reflect on their 12 years as Green MPs below.

Sue Kedgley

Keith Locke

Both Keith and Sue’s tireless dedication will be sadly missed. But, as Sue showed in her speech, the baton has been passed on and we’ve got heaps of awesome young faces coming through.

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  1. gee m.c..i have my case/moans against locke..and kedgely..

    ..but you really do talk a load of demented-shit…eh..?

    ..and why don’t you pause for a moment..

    ..and weigh your lifes’ achievements against theirs’..?

    ..and then slink away to a corner somewhere…


  2. “Good onya’s Sue & Keith” I wish you both the best for the future.. You are both, champions of the ‘Green cause’.

    But there is a changing of the guard & welcome to the new breed of Green MPs for 2011 & onward ! Kia-ora

  3. “namely falling for the di-hydrogen monoxide hoax”

    Sue Kedgley had a staff member jump the gun and offer full support on her behalf for banning the substance (supposedly without asking the MP). The media had a field day, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she wouldn’t have actually supported it without proper consideration of what it meant. This might or might not be correct.

    If the entire Green Party are to be tarred by the actions of an overenthusiastic office staffer, it’s only fair to criticise the entire National Party even more for having a fully-fledged MP (Jacqui Dean) petitioning the Associate Health Minister to have H2O put on a list of banned substances. MPs aren’t perfect — they’re representatives, and we have the rest of the public service to scrutinise this kind of stuff properly and give proper qualified advice which they should then take into account.

  4. I wonder how much of The Greens recent, consistiently increasing, rise in the polls is due to Keith Locke’s announcement that he was leaving?

    Anybody have an announcement date: a plot of Green support for x-months each side of that date could be interesting! (But of course would not factor in other things like the chickens coming home to roost for Labour’s and their self-destruction)

  5. Whilst Sue had some idiotic comments associated to her (namely falling for the di-hydrogen monoxide hoax, and thinking 30+60=100) her (simple) heart was in the right place with her campiagn on foods – albeit a gross simplification and excerise in dumbing down – even if she was living life in a gendered past and is 15 years beyond being put out to pasture.

    But supporters of the environment ought to be rejoicing at Locke’s departure, for his desire to impose an oppressive regeime onto NZ should have no place in a progressive party seeking equality for all. Locke’s discourse is laden with seperatism, discrimination, and preferential treatment, and hopefully his place will be taken by somebody who cares about the green issues, and not red ones.

    It was because of Locke and his ilk that I stopped voting Green.

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